We've designed the partytower with a wide base so there is no chance of tipping. What if the tube breaks? The tube is made out of durable Rigid Acrylic with a 4 mm wall thickness, which will take a fair number of knocks in the bar. However, should the tube or any other part of the partytower ever need replacing, all components are available as spares.  Is the tap suitable for all types of drink? The partytower is fitted with a standard bar faucet (with a stainless steel lever) tap, which is perfect to dispense carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.  Can the partytower be branded?
The partytower can branded by replacing the standard black handle. Any standard tap handle will fit. We can also supply simulated glass etched vinyl decals with your bars name on the tube. . Are there optional accessories? A patio table attachment is available. This attachment allows the partytower to be attached to any outdoor table with a  standard umbrella hole. Very simple to use. Unscrew the post from the base, screw on the adapter, insert in the table, tighten the screw and you're ready to party with your friends.